About Us

KIRSTEN DEWOLFE, welcomes you to casting in Vancouver! With over 20 years experience, she has cast thousands of commercials, TV series, movies, voice overs and documentaries. From actors to real people, comedy to drama, she and her team have cast it all.

The passion to find just the right person for each role is paramount. Kirsten and her team pride themselves on respect and professionalism in the casting room and in all aspects of the industry. Kirsten is well rounded with training and experience in acting, film production, baby wrangling and photography.

I am always rooting for the actor. I want to bring out the best performance possible in everyone!

— Kirsten
Kirsten DeWolfe

Meet Our Team

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Kirsten Natalie Lisa Anna Lynn

Lynn Ward has been an associate with Kirsten DeWolfe Casting for over 20 years. Having studied stage management and theatre at University, casting was a perfect fit. She has since worked on hundreds of commercials and still enjoys the challenge and satisfaction of finding the perfect actor for the role. Her knowledge and understanding of the talent pool is key to our success!

Natalie Dunn received a BFA in Theatre from the States and went on to study Film/TV at the Vancouver Film School. She has 10 years of experience in the film industry both in front of and behind the camera. Natalie has been working with Kirsten for 9 years and her smile lights up the studio!

I love the industry, and the versatility you must have to work well in it. The jobs may always be changing the passion for the work never does.

— Natalie

Lisa MacFadden has worked for many years as a casting assistant and is also a working actress in the business. Her kindness, support and enthusiasm really brings out the best in everyone!

Anna Ward has worked with Kirsten since 2010. With a degree in Communications, she also runs our social media including the Team DeWolfe instagram page. Her favourite things about working in commercial casting are being able to do something new everyday and making connections with both actors and agents. Anna is a wonderful calming presence for all of us!